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Here is a list of my latest projects and learning course
on arduino, robotics, home automation and wearables

ctrlj pen v2 pcb eagle
ctrlj pen v2 render
ctrlj pen v2 schema cover
ctrlj pen v2 schema
Portabobina prusa 3D intro
Magiche luci di natale wirless modules
Arduino UNO MINI LE Unboxing packaging
micro gear motor con encoder connector legend
Irrighiamo con Wemos e Telegram test finale
capacitive soil moisture sensor
capacitive soil moisture sensor wemos lipo shield telegram bot
capacitive soil moisture sensor wemos case
ItalyMap colour test
appendiabiti finito esempio
Power Bank 4000 components
power bank 4000 assembly ended
power bank 4000 3d model case top components

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